Moving back to victoruia

I am moving back to Victoria in for wecs. I am cindof icsited to move back and I like it in Sointula to. When I move back to Victoria I my class is English. I wonted to be in french but I cant in tell grade 8. I wanted to be with my best friend Cleo but she is ginna be in french. I mite be doing soccer but I don’t no. My school in Victoria is called Ser James Dugles, some pepol say serjames or sjd. There are five hundred fifty kids in the school kids in the school

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My Story Bird

I have a story bird. It is about dogs and girls who want to make friends. I like my story bird because I like dogs. My story bird is about ten pages long. My story bird has a lot of girls in it. My other story birds are about three little pigs and a girl how screams some times.

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Ralesing The Fry

We went on the bus and released fry at the river. When the fry was in the jar I had two in the jar and I named it Bubbles and I named my other one Emma. We got the eggs from the hatchery. We released the fry today. We released the fry in the Rough Bay river. The salmon dream team is Dexter, Micheal and Malcom, Niall and Emily. Have you ever released fry in the river?

My Science Project

For my science project I am turning milk into plastic. We did the experiment. To make the plastic it takes three days. The plastic is hard. Did you know that back in the days they used to make plastic like that. They used to make combs and jewellery.

Mt Cane Trip

I went to Mt Cane it was fun. I went with my friends who live in Victoria. I like to ski. Do you guys like to ski or snowboard. I want to snowboard soon. We went sledding and I went filing dawn the hill. Do you like sledding?

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About Me

Hi my name is Teagan. My Favorite colour is purple and pink and yellow and blue. I like to ride my bike and to go swimming. Also scatting and skiing. I lived in two places. I lived in Victoria then I moved to Sointula when summer started. I am moving back to Victoria. I have no pets. I used to have a fish but it died.

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AJ Eagle February

The Two Easter Bunnies

Once upon a time there lived two Easter Bunnies. They had to go all around the world and they met in Sointula. The real Easter Bunny thought that the other Easter Bunny was trying to steal the eggs. Then the real Easter Bunny found out that he wasn’t trying to steal the eggs. The other Easter Bunny thought that he was supposed to be the Easter Bunny that year. They wanted to be good friends and delivered the eggs together.

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My New Blog

Hello, my name is Teagan.

I am so excited to have a blog. Were you excited to have a blog? I like my blog because I think it’s pretty cool. Do you like my blog? Do you think my blog is pretty or cool? Please leave me a comment. My blog is reddish-pink and black and white. The top is black with a reddish-pink swirl and the bottom is white. I picked my blog because I liked the swirl on the top.  My blog has a bunny, a penguin, and a hamster. Sharon has a hamster and May has a bunny on their blogs too. Next I am writing all about me.


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